Information about Quolls


Quolls are native marsupials to Australia and New Guinea. These carnivorous animals are large and resemble a cat and possum crossed together. Belonging to the Dasyuridae family, it is related to Tasmanian devils and Thylacines. There are four species of quolls with the most prominent one being the Spotted-tail or Tiger quoll, which is mainland Australia’s largest carnivorous marsupial. The animals use to roam the lands in abundance but have been steadily declining since European settlement.

As well as this, there are other possible reasons that have contributed to the decrease of qoulls. The insufficient knowledge regarding the ecology and biology of the creatures doesn’t allow us to determine the possibilities to just one cause. There are several threats that can be considered including diseases, habitat loss and fragmentation. As well as this, quolls can be affected by poison from plants, animals and human beings. Competition from animals is also another possibility and the intolerance from humans as well as land management practices would greatly affect their livelihood.


Quolls like to live in abundant flora and fauna for protection and habitat. Therefore their preferred choice of environment is in a rainforest, near creeks or rivers in the forest and in Eucalypt trees. They will nest in trees, rock crevices, hollowed logs and caves. Quolls are talented hunters and will feast on anything in the trees or on the ground from reptiles, birds, insects, carrion to rats, gliders, possums, bandicoots and pademelons.